Multani /Kandhari ---an Afghani dialect of Siraiki language


Siraiki and Kandhari (Multani)

Siraiki is a language which is being spoken from Afghanistan to India . There are several names of this language due to different dialects and areas . Some of these are Multani ,Reasti ,Hindki ,Yaghdali ,Western Punjabi ,Lahanda ,Lahendi ,Jatki ,Kandhari,Dera wal and also outhern Punjabi etc.

In this article i am discussing about Kandhari dialect of Siraiki language which is also being called Multani . Multani is mother language of Hindus of Afghanistan . When Ahmed Shah Abdali king of Afghanistan invaded on Multan ,then these Hindus migrated to Afghanistan due to trade with new areas .

Multani /Kandari is pure dialect of Multan . There is hundred percent resemblence betwwen Multani of Multan and Kandhari /Multani of Afghanistan as you will study in my article